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Shop beauty supply Canada free shipping

Free Shipping from Beauty Supply Canada
Orders containing dangerous, hazardous, and flammable goods and those marked “not qualifying” are not eligible for free shipping and are only available inside the country. Please keep in mind that the shipping service will deliver the free shipping service. Although items may be dispatched the same day or the next working day, the “Free Shipping” service is the slowest shipping option available. Expect a three-to-four week delivery time depending on the destination.

Shipping Methods for Beauty Supply Canada
All shipping charges include handling and may be subject to state taxation. Equipment orders do not qualify for the shipping chart, rates, or delivery times. Regardless of what the shipping service website indicates, they have not and will not process any claims for lost, stolen, or damaged packages. By using the shipping service and the Free Shipping service. The shipping service does not guarantee shipment times or delivery dates. Any delivery times and dates indicated by the shipping service for any service are “estimated” but not guaranteed. Regardless of destination or shipping option, shipping service can occasionally take two weeks or more.
We merely provide shipping service as a delivery option for any customer who isn’t in a hurry for order and doesn’t anticipate it to arrive by a specific date or time. When a product is not needed by a specified deadline, the shipping service is a relatively economical delivery service that anyone can use. If you require your products by a specified date or time, we recommend selecting the “Express” shipping option that corresponds with the day and time you need your products.
Some aerosols, nail paints, and alcohol-based products cannot be shipped. Due to air transport limits and regulations, some products are classified as hazardous materials and must be shipped by ground only.

Delivery Guarantees
Shipping guarantees, delivery pledges, and estimates are provided by the shipping carrier chosen at checkout, not Beauty Supply Canada Free Shipping. Suppose a shipping courier offers a money-back guarantee for a specific shipment. In that case, a shipping refund will be issued only if the shipping courier accepts our request for a credit for that shipment. Requests are not accepted in certain circumstances, including, but not limited to, holidays, natural catastrophes, severe weather, and so on.

Buyers from other countries
Don’t hesitate to contact your local customs office to verify any additional costs that may apply before making a purchase. We won’t be responsible for any tariffs, taxes, or fees. If such fees are not paid and are used to our account, we will contact you for payment; if payment is not made, we reserve the right to refuse service until all obligations are addressed. If an order is returned owing to unanticipated duties/taxes/fees, please note that the return shipping charges will be deducted from your product refund. This may cause any such reimbursement to be delayed because we must wait until we are invoiced for a return shipment.

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